My Updates

People have asked how I’m doing. So with that in mind, I want to share some of my experiences here and give updates on things as they progress. I trust this will give insight and inspiration to others also going through the encounter with cancer in their lives.

Even through adverse times, we learn so much about ourselves, and others. We learn how strong our faith is and how it helps us through life.


Thank you for caring enough to read about my very personal journey.

May update - 2014

Me on the chemotherapy was not pretty and emotionally very terrifying at times.  It was hard, no matter what I gave off outwardly. My entire body would swell, blood pressure through the roof so I had to carefully play Dr each & every moment.

So I feel some days like I have this double whammy of the tremendous amount of nerve pain and just not being able to do many leaves you feeling impaired, depressed, and at times wonder if I will have to endure this pain just to breathe am to PM.

I am not struggling like it is so awful I can’t get out of bed but I have my moments of fear and loathing for lack of a better description.

The chemotherapy had 3 large risks – heart, kidneys, and nervous system. Thank God I did not have a heart attack but I know it’s been tough on my heart, kidney GFR is to be around 90, mine is at 30.

15 or beneath is kidney failure so I pray I can find & pay for a kidney somewhere.

Only about 1/2 the time, you feel as if you have panic attacks and I am not sure if that is solely from the chemo that attacked the nervous system or a combination of much fear from time to time and chemo?

I honestly struggle for about an hour each day as I am exhausted, pain as soon as I wake and many times neuropathy as I go to walk.

Yes, all of this seems to be getting worse instead of better but I will never give up faith & hope that it is temporary with God, he will guide me to the right Dr’s that can ease this pain and somehow a kidney as well. If my love and faith were not as large as the world is for God, I could not keep this attitude.

My Mother had a sudden problem with her liver due to being diabetic. I did get to go see her and take care of her for a week this past Summer in between my treatments. I told her – “You cannot go, please! I would feel as if my heart was ripped out if you were not here” Well, God took her in January.  Tears night and day but I turned that over to God with much prayer as I could not stay depressed.

We did a pet scan in January of 2014 and it showed uptake in right & left lung, gastric & inner coastal muscle areas.

Cancer or inflammation? I would much rather not know for a while as I have to wait for the Insurance company to pick most of the cost anyway.

I thank God each & every day for giving me another beautiful day and filling my heart with his love!

I am doing an MRI tonight of my spine so hopefully, the Dr will be able to know what type of procedure to try in order to get rid of some of this pain. 😉

I had an angel come forth & gave a gift that took so much stress away for now anyway and I am so very thankful to God for him and his wife!

For now, it is physical therapy 2 times per week, hopefully some heat therapy if I can find a program to assist with that, and then another waiting period until they can do another Pet scan.  I pray and have to know with God that all that was seen in January was not cancer because without another Pet scan we don’t know & would look not too pretty 8 months from now when scan is permitted through Insurance.

The radiologist wants it now based on what he saw in January but unfortunately, they only pay for that 1 x per year and too costly to pay out of pocket.

So, I will keep praying that what they saw in January is not and all will be fine there.

I place all of this out of my head and live each and every day with a deep sincere thank you to God that I am cured and this all will only get better! I have to believe this way as any other way is not showing God my faith.

When my surgeon called a bit over a year ago to tell me this was stage 4, I am usually very positive & strong but once in a while when I feel terribly alone or afraid- I listen to this song that I take as God’s words to me with tears flowing of love and comfort!

My life has been spent helping others through my career in nursing. I care for special people in special hospice areas of need.

I never would have thought that I could find myself in this position of having such a disease and being so dependant on others but it can happen to anyone. I’ve always tried to help others and now welcome and need the help of others.

In 2009 I had a left upper lobectomy hoping the cancer was gone for good with my might and ever so true faith with our God!

In May 2010 I had them take out my right middle lobe for another primary lung cancer- again I thanked God I was here to feel the pain & knew through God’s love that there would be no more cancerous cells come about.

In October 2011 I was back in as the surgeon removed part of my right upper lobe that turned out to be another Primary lung cancer. Again I thanked God and returned right back to work where I help a blind man that is 100 years of age as it brought me even closer to God to be at work helping others.

I was just told there was another nodule on the backside of the right upper lobe, biopsied it on 10-4-12. The Dr’s say there has never ever been anyone with 3 let alone 4 Primary cancers in the lungs & is just unheard of period! They told me this time that my body is just out of control producing cancer cells 100 miles per minute and they don’t know how to stop it.

All 3 tumors have been tested & they say that there is no chemo available and if any other surgery that I would not be able to breathe & need a respirator. I have to believe that something is not right here and would appreciate your prayers, please!

I have had three cases of lung cancer before each with surgeries and survived. In 2012, 1,638,910 new cases of lung cancer have been diagnosed.

In October I was diagnosed again with a fourth occurrence and the doctors are baffled. To have survived three

October update - 2014

Hello…I am back!!! Well to be quite honest I never left.  Just needed some rejuvenation.  I have been keeping “quiet” and focusing on what needs to be done.  Done with what you might ask?  Fighting the fight and beating this “C”.

We are creeping up on almost 8 months since the Dr’s have seen anything on scan.  This cancer seems to have a consistent track record, every 6 – 9 months.

So after I left from meeting with my Oncologist…I knew I had to go another route of getting myself HEALED. So after my last chemo…I told myself that I had to seriously pray about what I needed to do.  What needed to be done to get myself healthy.

I met with another naturopath Dr and he has been guiding me in the direction I need to be going.  The very first time I saw him he asked me a lot of questions…however, his words will forever stick with me…get rid of all negativity even if it involves people in your life, I can only be around positivity…then he asked if I believed in God…if I pray? This is 1 thing that I do not have to change, try to do, or in any way new to my everyday life as God has been EVERYTHING to me for years!

So since that day of the meeting, we will call him, Dr. Mc Serious…I have dedicated my life to getting healthy again.

I am far from a Dr but this is a very normal day of many things substituted and the only thing that has NEVER changed is my FAITH and LOVE in God!

*2 x daily drinking baking soda
*Bragg’s  Apple Cider Vinegar-drinking it
*Ton of supplements
*Plant-based protein shake with hemp hearts, flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk
*rebounding 10 minutes at a time
*48-64 oz of ORGANIC veggie juices -LOTS of greens.   Not so much on fruit. And freshly juiced not V-8 out of a can  
*Do Terra essential oils
*Castor oil packs
*Get sun each day
*LOTS of POSITIVE thoughts
*Drinking only spring water with a ph of 8.0 or greater   to make my body less acidic

I know the above might sound a little crazy and ALL NATURAL…but hello folks! What is better to keep shoving poison down my body or perhaps HEAL it NATURALLY with what my body truly needs??? The 1st chemo (cisplatin)  had me so very ill and shrank 1 of the 2 by maybe 20 percent.

The answer is obvious to me.  Again…some will disagree as they already have…but THIS IS MY BODY…I am healing ME!

The Cisplatin also caused nerve damage that I am reminded of daily when I stand due to the pain being severe in my little feet. I am also seeing a kidney specialist as the chemo came close to taking out my kidney functioning as well.

My Dr offered me hospice services When I told my chemo Dr that I felt between eating healthy, forcing a bit more exercise regardless of the pain, hopefully, some hot yoga or meditation classes as the cisplatin did a number on my nervous system & I do not want to take pills for it , physical therapy for the sever daily pain that wraps around my rib cage, side and into my back (from 2.5  lobectomies) and God is all I need and I know that with Gods love, my deep love and faith with him that I will be disease-free! 
The Dr’s do not have to agree with me. In my soul, I am being faithful to the 1 and only that has never let me down, always stood beside me to protect and love me!

I KNOW that my body has been being ridden of the bad cells and one day will get a clear scan and be disease-free by the most incredible 1 you could ever choose to have in your life  – God!

I would love to stay on this much-needed path but eating Organic is so very costly & especially juicing, the physical therapy preferred over pain medication the Dr’s want to give is very expensive & the supplements from Sprouts vs all medications chemo would give you is also highly costly.

Is it the evil dollar that drives people to think this way…that only chemo is going to benefit me?

Is it that they are not educated outside of the box? They don’t know too much about the other alternatives?

Is it that they could “get in trouble” if they didn’t do what the gov’t/drug companies are telling them they should do?

Is it that any of the above, or all the above. I don’t know. Quite frankly I really don’t care…I just hope that no one else has to feel the way I did on Monday. I am not giving up HOPE…I am FIGHTING…I am getting my body HEALED not by poison…I am not ready to die.  I see life in a whole new perspective.   

I will be monitored…but as of now, I am on vacation from chemo…I am feeling a little bit better each day.  My color is better.  I have put on a few more pounds.  My hair is slowly starting to feel better. My girls are seeing that I feel better. I am living LIFE!  

The downside to going more “natural” insurance seldom covers what I need just to take care of myself and beat this nasty- evil disease…so that is what I have to let go and let God take control of.   

I have 2 real friends, 1 family member but I am praying that when I get done putting this together that God directs me to people that will help me get this passed around and we will go through it together. I have God but it would be so loving and helpful to me at this point in my life to pick some people up along my way that has faith in what I believe and will PLEASE help me.

God knows I have always worked to assist others and now I am asking for some help and love.

Just show up for life and let GOD do the rest! There truly is a reason why I am still here today.- God, God, God 🙂  Never give up and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  

One woman I am trying to help with her cancer, messaged me asking what she can do and if I could share with others who want to help…well number one send me positive thoughts and prayers for an ultimate healing.  If you would like to donate…I say this…gift cards are the easiest-I must eat whole/ ORGANIC ( not trying to be a snot…but it is the protocol I have to follow)…so I shop at Whole Foods, Sprouts, or  Frys the most.  If I could physically go get a job today…I would…but I have to get myself healed and out of pain!  Other places for gift cards-Target, Walmart, or Visa ones…or I do have a PayPal: and the email address for that is:  ( You can use PayPal or click on where it reads – credit or debit card & follow directions from there) 

 I am appreciative of everything that anyone has done!!! HUGS  & God & I love you for any help that you may be able to give.


May update - 2019

With the fourth and fifth cancer that came along just 12 months after cancer number 3 was taken care of what the lower back to me I had no choice but then to start radiation and chemotherapy.

In the first round of chemotherapy I was urged not to do any more chemo that my heart would not hold up.
But once again for the fourth and fifth time I knew that God would see me through this but I had to fight as hard as I possibly could so I completed every round of chemotherapy.

That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever endured completely taking away my appetite for several months, taking my kidneys down to stage 4 kidney failure, causing much dental problems and tormenting my nervous system to this day.

Now it’s time to complete 4 months of radiation.

The radiation and chemotherapy is completed and now once again I wait on the results of a CT scan every 4 months and a PET scan once a year.

The first three cancers were primary stage 1 the fourth and fifth cancer came back and my right upper lobe but this time it was diagnosed as stage 4 because it my aunt said identical to cancer number 3 meaning cells had gotten loose from the third cancer causing these two cancers to form.

When talking to my surgeon she told me no one beats stage 4 lung cancer as she wept she told me I am so sorry after mutilating your chest with three surgeries 60% of your lungs taken out and you’re going to be gone in a year anyway I’m so sorry.

I have beaten that year by 4 years now. Praise God!

I’ve been having much trouble with my memory and Sundays ants a total blackout of a few hours from the night before and now they fear it might be in my brain so I’m going to get an MRI as soon as insurance will pay for it.

I just completed a pulmonary functioning test and it shows my breathing ability went from 65% after the third surgery down to 26%.

I really urge people regardless of what problems they’re having in their day to just stop and thank God that they have their helth if they have their ability to go to work to take a walk and so on because just three years ago I would have never thought this could happen.

Now a simple walk up the stairs or walk in the backyard I am hyperventilating but each and every day I am so thankful to God that I am here.

When my doctor called to tell me it was stage 4 , without thought I went to my knees as I prayed and cried please give me a miracle I went from my childhood to my recent age thanking God for everything he has ever done for me and how much I know my life would be nothing without him and I asked for one more thing a big miracle!

I can only ask that many others that might be told for the first time second time if they have cancer please do not let it devastate you but instead turned to God, pray without question but then without doubt that he can give you a miracle!

I do believe they have treatments that help they have a lot of diets vitamins that can help but more than anything as attitude and belief.

I am trying to put together a small recipe book, vitamin list for cancer people that want to change their way of eating because so much of it is in our foods that we eat and the waters that we drink.

Only God knows how long I have with my breathing ability below 30% and now the doctors are saying it’s another cancer doesn’t get me that heart failure well but until that time I am here to help other people and anyway I can live a more positive life if they’re diagnosed and need the help.

Rascal Flatts Songs – I Won’t Let Go Song Lyrics, Music Video

Never give up!

January update - 2021

Teri has worked as a nurse since age of 18 helping physically and mentally challenged young adults and then the senior population for the past nineteen years remain in their homes. Her work came to an abrupt stop when her fourth cancer came. The first three lung cancer were months apart resulting in a lobectomy all three times. 4th cancer radiation and chemotherapy.

She continued to work throughout all of this it’s just been in the past year her breathing has fallen from 65% to 27% and now the doctors tell her nodules are back in her lungs and three cracked ribs at it has metastasized into the bone. She struggled hard every day with breathing just to get out to her vehicle art to make it into a grocery store. 

It has been very tough to go from 5400 a month to 900 a month Social Security and be able to even afford all your co-pays on medication. We are asking anyone who might be able to relate in any type of way can you please reach deep from your heart and give her a hand if you can & all prayers are definitely welcome and so deeply appreciated!

Helpful Information

Causes of Cancer

Cancer Society Report

If you have any medical resources to suggest or are involved with traditional or experimental treatment programs, I'd also welcome your suggestions and ideas. And it's so greatly appreciated.

I've spent a lot of time (most of 2013) with chemotherapy (cisplatin) treatments followed by radiation treatments and therapy.

Some scans have shown only a spec of something but a new scan done shows a nodule on the thyroid gland, a new nodule on the right upper lobe, and possible metastasis to the brain. And yet thanks to people like you, 7 years later I'm still here fighting.

I need now to do a Pet scan of the entire body and an MRI of the brain. After this is done then I will get busy with whatever the Dr's want me to do as well as finish up my therapy for pain management. They are still working with me to take out the nerve pain caused by the right middle lobectomy.

This has been way more than I ever anticipated but again I will say, that with God everything is possible to get through and I still believe that this cancer can be gone! In the name of Jesus! 🙂

Thanks so much for your prayers and donations.

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