Thank you! Your help validates my faith that someone can help me.

With my deepest appreciation, I say thank you.

It’s been tough trying to work helping others in my nursing career while taking time away from work for tests and treatments. Soon I’ll be forced to stop work for extended treatments, and with travel and other expenses it will be extra tough but caring people and God always provide.

If you have any medical resources to suggest or are involved with traditional or experimental treatment programs, I'd also welcome your suggestions and ideas. And it's so greatly appreciated.

I've spent a lot of time (most of 2013) with chemotherapy (cisplatin) treatments followed by radiation treatments and therapy.

Some scans have shown only a spec of something but a new scan done shows a nodule on the thyroid gland, a new nodule on the right upper lobe, and possible metastasis to the brain. And yet thanks to people like you, 7 years later I'm still here fighting.

I need now to do a Pet scan of the entire body and an MRI of the brain. After this is done then I will get busy with whatever the Dr's want me to do as well as finish up my therapy for pain management. They are still working with me to take out the nerve pain caused by the right middle lobectomy.

This has been way more than I ever anticipated but again I will say, that with God everything is possible to get through and I still believe that this cancer can be gone! In the name of Jesus! 🙂

Thanks so much for your prayers and donations.

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